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What you can expect from therapy

Some of the issues I can help you with:



Abuse, whether sexual, physical or emotional

Anxiety and stress

Bereavement and other loss


Feeling stuck

Lack of self-confidence


Low self-esteem

Overwhelming emotions

Panic attacks

PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder


Relationship problems

Sexual problems

Struggling to find meaning





You may wish to look at specific questions that are troubling you, or you may feel the need to gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself, your relationships and your life. 


My aim is to assist you to make choices and move forward in accordance with your values and beliefs. 


We can work together for a limited time, or in an open-ended framework, depending on your needs.


We might agree that EMDR would be the best form of therapy for you.


The purpose of counselling and psychotherapy is to provide a safe, and regularly available, opportunity for you to explore whatever issues are causing you difficulties.  

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